What is the Best Tactical Folding Knife?

Tactical Folding Knife

There are several factors to consider when looking for the best tactical folding knife. Beyond overall build quality, the reputation of the manufacture and where it is made there are several factors to consider to find the best tactical folding knife for your needs.

Ergonomic Design

This is the most important thing to consider when looking for a new knife. The way it fits to your hand will ultimately determine its usefulness. A good tactical knife should feel extremely comfortable in your hand. After all you will be gripping it in extreme and stressful situations. For this reason it can have the best blade in the world but if it doesn’t fit you like the perfect leather glove you may as well be defenseless.

Hands come in all different sizes so don’t buy out of your comfort zone. A tactical knife will have no use if it is either too big or too small for your hand. Before you buy your first knife you should hold several different sizes to gage what is the most comfortable for your size and type of palm. When you place one in your hand and it feels like it was made from a mold of your hand then you have a winner.learn additional information at http://www.ksat.com/news/state-law-voids-sa-locking-knife-ban


Not all tactical knives are bought with the intention of facing off with a ninja outside of Denny’s on a cold winter morning. Sometimes there are more practical purposes.

If you will be using this knife as more of a utility or multipurpose knife go with a steel handle which will hold up better to stress caused by hammering. Is this a knife that you will be carrying with you? If so a blade longer than 4 inches will probably be too large for comfort.


The locking mechanism on folding knives is not as important today as they used to be. Companies try different wordings and come out with new locking mechanisms all the time to try and gain an edge in this very competitive market. The truth is that any knife we review or recommend on this site will have an adequate lock.


Depending on how you will be using your knife the blade thickness and material may be a big deal. Any blade thinner than .125 inch and it will be too thin and risk breakage, greater than .187 inches and it becomes too thick to be useful and awkward to carry.

To cut through cloth materials such as seat belts a curved cutting edge works best. If you will be using your blade for any kind of digging or poking like a survival knife situation it is important to not choose a blade that has too thin of a point as it will break easily.


No matter what the manufacture claims eventually the blade will dull. When this happens the type of material the blade is made out of can mean the difference between sharpening the blade yourself and having to pay for it to be done professionally with a diamond blade. Any blade with a hardness rating of over 60 C Rockwell will be to hard and brittle for traditional sharpening methods.get related information at this website.

Made in USA!

There are plenty of reasons why the best tactical folding knives are made in the United States. The most important is the quality of the materials. I can guarantee you that any knife made in China will not have the same purity and quality of materials of those made in the United States, not even close.

What is a Tactical Knife?

A tactical knife is designed with a blade intended to inflict a lethal injury in a short range confrontation in extreme situations. In spite of this purpose tactical knives are also used as utility knives and are rarely used for combat. These knives may also be considered combat knives or military knives. They were originally manufactured for hand to hand and face to face combat but have evolved over the years to fulfill many purposes.

Where to Buy the Best Tactical Folding Knife

Tactical Folding Knife

There are many of online merchants that sell tactical knives online. Depending on the laws for your particular state there may only be shipping available to specific states depending on the blade size and length. Be sure to check the laws for carrying a tactical knife in your specific state.

These knives can also be bought locally at sporting good and gun stores. Some buyers find great deals at local gun and trade shows. You will probably not find the best tactical knives at these shows but it is a good place to look for historical pieces.

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