How to Cope With Strong Perfume in an Enclosed Car

strong Perfume

Taking unpleasant smells off of the car can be a huge challenge even if you think you have the best car perfume. It is always important to know a couple of alternatives that can help you save money (after all we all know that paying for a compete inside clean can be quite expensive). There are some natural solutions that can definitely solve your problem while helping you save hundreds of dollars in the whole ordeal. We all know that smells such as dirty feet, smoke, sweets and sandwiches. If you use your car after a nice fishing afternoon you definitely need to clean it up! Learn how and save cash!

Keep in mind – a stinky car will be much harder to sell…and much more unpleasant to ride.

In a curve, the friend already more there than here turns his beer on the bench. “That smell will never leave,” the other guy, trying to dry the liquid – this is a very common scene among friends. “Is that the smell does not come out right?” You think, trying to make the next turn more carefully. The tip of we give you is not to panic and clean as soon as possible with natural products before actually spending hundreds to have it cleaned by a company or by someone. The best tip here is to clean the dirt always on time, in the manner best as possible, to prevent the odor to become stronger and penetrate deeper into the seat for example. Sometimes not even the best car perfume is able to help you forget that strong smell of smoke or even beer.view details at

You can use the following to clean up the mess!

– Apple

Yeah, apples. 2 Cut apples in half and put one half in each bank (on a plate). Let all night, with the windows closed. They say the apple absorbs all the smell of cigarette.

– Vinegar

They say it is always a great option: put full canisters and white vinegar with a swim cloth, a bowl in each bank. THE 1st night leave the car with the windows closed; the 2nd night with the windows open so that dissipate the smell of vinegar.

– Coal

Let coals on the car floor, also on a plate or something, for 1 week.

– Coffee powder

strong Perfume

Same as coal.

Make sure you follow a few useful tips before you actually get desperate!
The ideal is to dry the excess, then wipe with a damp cloth or brush. A soft brush, not to wear the fabric of the set a – and in case you are lucky enough to have a leather seat then cleaning becomes easier (unless your set a was burnt with a cigarette butt). The cleaning can be done only with water or using common soap. After applying the product, you should spend a dry cloth. It is important to dry the spot soon after, or leaving the car in the sun or using a hair dryer, for example. It is important to warn that it is useless to wash in and out using the vehicle because the moisture in upholstered ends up generating musty smell even if you have the best car perfume.

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