Best Pocket Knife Reviews

Pocket Knife

There are a lot of people who would certainly agree that among the most functional tools that were created by the human genre are the pocket knives. There is no doubt that pocket knives are incredible life savers especially when it comes to extreme and awkward situations, for instance, if you’re in the wilderness, a pocket knife can help you last every single day out there.

However, the fact remains that there are pocket knives which are more helpful than the others. This is the primary reason why it is crucial for you to research about and scrutinize each and every pocket knife that you find over the World Wide Web. But if you want to lessen your searching time for the best pocket knife, consider this article as your ultimate guide.

Before anything else, you have to ascertain your needs when it comes to pocket knives. No matter what your perspective is about the best pocket knife, whether it is cost-efficient or something that is feature enriched, you can easily spot the best one for you through this guide.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pocket Knife

Type of Blade – Pocket knives come with different blade types, it depends on your needs which type of blade will suit you best. Clip point blade is good for everyday use, however the tip of the blade tends to be a bit fragile if used with excessive force.

Drop point blade is a great choice for hunting. Hawkbill blade has a nice shape and suitable for an additional item in your toolbox. Needle point blade has a small and sharp point, it doesn’t have much utilitarian use. Pen knife blade is great for small tasks, it’s a bit similar to drop point blade only smaller and easier to control.checkout more updates at this link.

Blade Size – Again it depends on how you’re going to use it, but if you want something more flexible, you should opt for medium sized blade around 3-4 inches. Smaller blades under 3 inches are useful for small tasks, while large blades are great for heavy tasks but it’s illegal in some states and you cannot carry it on regular basis.

Number of Blades – Some pocket knives have multiple tools and of course it will influence the price. Decide whether you really need all the other tools included before you spend extra for your pocket knife.

Pocket Knife

Blade Materials – Generally there are two different blade materials commonly used; stainless steel and carbon steel. Stainless are less durable when it comes to strength but carbon steel knives are easier to be affected by rust and stain. If you want to use the knife in wet conditions or sparingly, a stainless knife is a better choice, but for heavy use, you should choose a carbon steel knife.visit their official website at

Handle Material – Knife handle comes with various materials, make sure you choose the one with high durability and lightweight.